Desktop Hi-Fi

On January 31, 2010, in ~Other, by mmaletic

I just set up my MiniWatt 2.5 watt stereo tube amp on my desk at home. It’s connected to a pair of Axiom M3 bookshelf speakers with some high-end speaker wire purchased from Blue Jeans Cable.

The setup is really an epiphany. I listen to more music at my desk than anywhere else. But I think I’ve never had anything better than a pair of SoundSticks hooked up to my computer. Meanwhile, I have a few grand worth of home audio equipment hooked into my home theater system, which I generally use for watching Top Model and the NewsHour.

With the MiniWatt, though, I’ve finally stepped into the universe of desktop hi-fi. It cost about 600 bucks, but now I have one of the best stereos I’ve ever heard sitting in the place where I do 90% of my music listening.

Maybe I should say that it ONLY cost $600 though – 2.5 watts and some great bookshelfs move as much air as I could ever need in a small office. But I get the performance of a much more expensive full-sized system.

It’s awesome. I think there has to be a huge market for this sort of setup, given the cost/performance calculus.

(oh and I’m using my AppleTV for the streaming. It will work even when my laptop’s not around, and it has RCA jacks.)


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